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Our Strategy

Our Strategic Plan for 2022-2026 explains how we will build on these strengths and focus our resources on the things that matter most to the people we serve. The plan may cover a four-year period, but the ambitions it contains are about the Staffordshire we want to shape for decades to come, and for future generations. It is ambitious – as it should be.

Vision & Outcomes

We have a clear vision for Staffordshire – an innovative, ambitious and sustainable county, where everyone has the opportunity to prosper, be healthy and happy.

We want everyone in Staffordshire to:

  • Have access to more good jobs and share the benefits of economic growth
  • Live in thriving and sustainable communities
  • Be healthier and independent for longer

We are hugely ambitious for Staffordshire. There is enormous potential in our people and places just waiting to be unleashed. Our role, working with others, is to help create the conditions for more people to flourish, achieve their potential and live in good health for as long as possible. By focusing on the priorities outlined in this plan, modernising and improving how we work, and delivering against our financial pledge, we will continue to deliver for the people of Staffordshire.


  • Support Staffordshire’s economy to grow, generating more and better-paid jobs
  • Tackle climate change, enhance our environment, and make Staffordshire more sustainable
  • Encourage good health and wellbeing, resilience and independence
  • Fix more roads, and improve transport and digital connections
  • Offer every Staffordshire child and young person the best start in life, and the chance to achieve their potential

How we work

  • Encourage our communities to help themselves and each other
  • Lead our workforce to be ambitious, courageous and empowered
  • Use digital technology and data to connect, inform and support the people of Staffordshire
  • Engage and listen to our communities, partners and business, working together to improve our county

Pledge: Live within our means and deliver value for money

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People Strategy

Our People Strategy has helped us to grow and develop as a council.

Our achievements over the last few years have provided us with a fantastic platform to build on. The strategy has helped us to lead our people well during unprecedented times, during which colleagues have shown resilience and strength to achieve amazing outcomes for the people of Staffordshire.

We are proud of all that we have achieved together. Our smart working agenda has changed our culture for the better and has given our people the confidence to do things differently, make bold decisions and modernise the way we work. 

Our People Strategy

Medium Term Financial Strategy 2024 – 2029

We are updating the Medium Term Financial Strategy for 2024/29. This aims to balance the ambition of this council as set out in the Strategic Plan with the clear commitment contained in the pledge to deliver value for money for residents and business and live within our means. We need to strike the right balance between ensuring we honour this pledge and ensure we continue to invest in our longer term aims of this council.