Children and Families

In Staffordshire we want to improve the lives of all children and young people. We are using a whole system approach to enable children to be happy, healthy, and safe. We are supporting families to stay together so that children can remain within a home environment wherever possible.

We are building an environment where our families are supported to stay together safely and live well within their communities by building upon their strengths. Our evidence has shown that lives are better if families do not require ‘specialist intervention’ or are reliant upon professional services – and it is also a more sustainable way of working for us. Our workforce can confidently manage risk and are supported to be courageous and ambitious.

In Staffordshire, more children than elsewhere in the country are ready to start school at age 5, however the number of children coming into our care has been increasing. So we are working more closely with our partners with a ‘community first: services last’ approach to help families and children. As an authority with earned autonomy status (BRFC) we aim to work inclusively with our partners and communities to identify what exists, what works and what is missing and then commission appropriately. Our aim is to provide the right mix of support from professionals, the voluntary sector, communities, families, and friends so that children and families can reach their full potential.

Our Vision for Children and Families

Our vision is to create one system, that places children and their families at the heart of all we do. Where support is required for some families, access to this will be local, accessible and make a difference and specialisms will work to enhance those offers.

  • Family First – We will do what works best for the child.
  • Whole System approach – We are removing silos
  • Integrated pathways and structures
  • Specialist support available where needed
  • Local –Children are supported to remain within their localities and families can access effective community support.
  • Flexible –We are a learning system which can adjust to need, and our workforce is flexible and agile.
  • Fixes current system issues – we identify system issues and implement solutions which work better for the child, their family, and practitioners
  • We will always prioritise quality of Practice and Outcomes
  • We are evidence led and informed by the views of the children and families